Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World
The Kiwanis Club of Wheaton, Illinois, was organized on May 9, 1951 and received its offical charter from I-I District Govenor, Chauncey B. Watson, on June 5th.  Thirty-six charter members were in attendance as Wheaton became the 194th club in I-I district.  All of the original charter members are either deceased or have moved to other communities.  Our club was co-sponsored by the Oak Park and Downers Grove clubs. 

In the 50 years of the Wheaton club's existence, it has sponsored or co-sponsored clubs in Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Lake Park, Carol Stream and Central DuPage.

The first Wheaton Club Officers were Robert R. Kimbell, President; Fred L.Juhnke, Vice-President; Jack R. Wine, Secretary; and Eaton R. Lufkin, Treasurer.  Directors of the club were Robert Coonley, Russell Lewis, Edgar Varley, Joseph Mirabella, Robert Smith, Shelby McMillion, David Decher, Miles Lutz, and Donald Knapp.

The profile of the charter club was much as it is today -- a cross section of business and civic leaders of the community. 

The weekly meeting was set at Tuesday at 6:30 pm and membership fluctuated between 45 and 60 for the next four and one-half decades.  We Build, the motto of the club, guided our participation in 40 to 50 service projects each year with most of the donated funds being channeled back into the community. 

The club historically has supported division, district and international projects.  All cub operiating costs are paid by the members.  The Club observed its fiftieth anniversary in 2001 with a special dinner and two service projects -- support for the Wheaton Municipal Band's CD project, which included a dedicatory march for the Club and Safety City.  Safety City, with assistance of many Wheaton businesses, agencies of governtment, members and other benefactors, opened in 2003 in the Wheaton Park District..